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Do you love a bad boy?
Join BUT please be very careful!

Bad Boy Dating

Leave him before you fall for him™

WARNING: Bad Boy Dating has men that may not suitable for a serious relationship. By joining you agree that you will not fall in love and under no circumstances should you get married. If you find yourself falling for one of our members you should consider calling it off.

Women: Do you like 'Bad Boys'?

Maybe you always go for a bad boy or perhaps you are looking for the first time?

Overly confident and risky men are what we are all about. It's wall-to-wall testosterone wrapped in a lightning fast, easy-to-use site that will get you chatting the moment you join.

Don't expect deep and thought-provoking conversations as that is not why you are here nor is it expected of the guys. Try asking him about current affairs and he will think you are checking up on his fidelity status!

These guys are really good at being bad . . .

Bad Boy Dating Bad boy dating
Lots of Members
Lots of Members
People are joining Bad Boy Dating every few minutes and our network of niche sites and apps have attracted over 3,000,000 members. The site's powerful search tool allows you to filter potential matches based on age, gender, sexuality, and distance. You can also filter to only members who have shared photos. All of this takes a fraction of a second so you can focus on flirting right away.
A lot of dating sites don't mention leaving but there will be a time that you decide to part company with us. When you press the 'delete account' button, everything you shared is erased. This includes messages that you send that are in others' inboxes. It's as if you never joined in the first place. Breaking up with us is easy and straightforward, far simpler than real-world dating.
International Site
International Site
We have members from all over the planet and you can choose if you want to date locally or from further afield. All you need to do is set your search distance and if you want to limit results to your own country. If you travel frequently you can also update your own location and country anytime you wish. Even if you don't travel you can chat and connect with anyone you like.
Bad Boy Dating is not lacking in technology and security. You do not have to add a picture or you may crop it to avoid revealing your identity. Profiles are first names only and all location data is approximated. The 1-click block/report tool will stop someone from messaging you again. You can choose when you want to share personal details such as your name, photo, and phone number. You can browse all the members without disclosing who you are.

Why use niche dating?

A niche dating site is wonderful because it caters to a specific group of people who share common interests, values, or lifestyles. This makes it easier for users to find compatible matches and increases the chances of forming meaningful connections.

This shared interest could be a strong foundation for a relationship. Additionally, niche dating sites often have a smaller user base, which can be beneficial for those who prefer a more personalised experience and want to avoid the overwhelming nature of larger dating platforms. Overall, a niche dating site can provide a more targeted and effective way to find your match.

Press the HOT button

See someone you like, someone you want to know more about? You can get their attention with the HOT button. Super quick and easy, one tap/click and you can quickly start a conversation.
hot button
Press the HOT button and see the sparks fly! A notification is sent to the other member right away.

In the media

Bad Boy Dating has been featured in media outlets all over the world, here are a few:


Are you a bad boy?

Are you what we are looking for? If you answer Yes to 3 or more of these questions you are welcome to join:

  • Do you ride a motorbike like a complete nutter?
  • Does your car have an illegally spaced number plate as you didn't fork out for a decent private plate?
  • Does your car have an aftermarket exhaust but an engine capacity of less than 2 litres?
  • Have you added a rear spoiler to a front-wheel drive car?
  • Do you use your car's handbrake for steering rather than for hill starts?

  • Language
  • Do you prefix sentences with 'To be honest . . . '? *
  • Do you use F%CK or F%CKing as an adverb, conjunction, interjection, adjective, noun, or pronoun rather than a verb?
  • Did you not understand the previous question?

  • Sport
  • Do you support a football team and think you actually play for them by using phrases like, 'We are playing Saturday'
  • Do you throw your weights on the floor at the gym to attract attention?
  • Do have you a muscular body but forgot to train your legs making you look top-heavy?
  • Do you suck your stomach in and push your chest out when you walk past a sexy woman?

  • Relationships
  • Have you ever cheated on a partner?
  • Would you choose a night out with your mates over a date with your partner?

  • Education
  • Did you not go to university?
  • Were you ever excluded from school?
  • Did you make rude jokes such as 'cunning linguist' about sitting a 'French Oral Exam'?

  • Personal Image
  • Do you have more than 5 tattoos?
  • Do you wear your polo shirt with the collar sticking up?
  • Do you wear skinny jeans that are slightly too short for you?
* You should always be honest.

Why women like bad boys

The idea that women are attracted to 'bad boys' is a pervasive one in popular culture. From James Dean to James Bond, the image of the rebellious, dangerous man has been romanticised in movies, books, and music. But what is it about these men that women find so appealing?

One possible explanation is that women are drawn to men who exhibit confidence and assertiveness. Bad boys are often seen as self-assured and unapologetic, which can be attractive to women who are looking for a partner who is strong and decisive. These men are not afraid to take risks or stand up for themselves, which can be seen as a sign of strength and courage.

Another factor that may contribute to the appeal of bad boys is their sense of adventure. These men are often associated with excitement and spontaneity, which can be a welcome change from the routine of everyday life. Women may be drawn to the idea of being swept off their feet by a man who is unpredictable and daring.

Bad boys are also often seen as mysterious and enigmatic. They may have a reputation for being aloof or hard to read, which can be intriguing to women who are looking for a challenge. These men may be seen as a puzzle to be solved, which can be exciting and rewarding for women who are up for the challenge.

In conclusion, the appeal of bad boys to women is a complex phenomenon that is likely influenced by a variety of factors. These men may be seen as confident, adventurous, and mysterious, which can be attractive to women who are looking for a partner who is strong and exciting.

Top 10 bad boy traits

  • Confidence:
    Bad boys are self-assured and have a strong sense of self-worth.
  • Assertiveness:
    They are not afraid to speak their minds and stand up for what they believe in.
  • Dominance:
    Bad boys are natural leaders who take charge of situations and inspire others to follow.
  • Decisiveness:
    They are quick to make decisions and take action, even in high-pressure situations.
  • Ambition:
    Bad boys are driven to succeed and are always striving to improve themselves.
  • Physical fitness:
    They take care of their bodies and prioritise their health and fitness.
  • Charisma:
    They have a magnetic personality that draws others to them.
  • Independence:
    Bad boys are self-reliant and don't rely on others for validation or approval.
  • Courage:
    They are willing to take risks and face challenges head-on, even when the odds are against them.
  • Cheeky:
    They can be funny and often a little naughty!

Why should you join us today?

The presentation below could really help you make up your mind if a bad boy is right for you. It is not for bad boys themselves as they wouldn't have read this far down the page and will have already signed up. The image of the girl in the shorts at the top of the page would have been enough for them.

Why Bad Boy Dating
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Enjoy the rush

Who doesn't like speed, adrenaline, excitement, and power? Gym hungry fit bad boy VS. steady leveled headed accountant. Which do you think will be the most fun to date? Let's put it this way, David Minns, award-winning founder of multiple leading niche dating sites has no plans for!

There is a draw to naughtiness, in the same way, people enjoy horror films or extreme sports. The rush of a sense of achievement is addictive. Being attracted to a 'Bad Boy' is the same. You know that it is not right or sensible but it's exciting and adventurous. Just don't lose your head and stay in control.
David Minns
Founder, Bad Boy Dating

Proof of change

International dating and relationship expert, Hunt Etheridge is living proof of the 'bad boy' to 'good guy' conversion. He now helps people find the one and is a self-confessed previous bad boy!

Bad boys are only considered “bad” because you want them to be good. But if you want a bad boy for being bad, they can be very, very good! - Hunt Ethridge (former bad boy, devoted father, and husband)
Hunt Ethridge
Hunt Ethridge

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